The ultimate method to get a man obsessed with you

Have you ever had the experience that the man you standing right in front of you, but you simply don’t know how to win his heart.  You can see what you want. And you’re willing to work REALLY hard to get it. But there’s something blocking your way.  

I believe many of us have the difficulties when building a new relationship, and get failed most of the time.  Just like Melody’s story. 

Melody’s story

Melody wants Jeff to see her as more than a friend. So she does the kinds of things you would expect.  She tries to hold his gaze a little longer. She looks for opportunities to get time with him alone. She does her best to look attractive whenever she’s likely to bump into him.

Oh, and she actually bumps into him once in a while. That’s all great. The problem arises when he doesn’t respond the way she wants him to. Frustration replaces hope. Irritation replaces confidence. And those emotions affect the way he perceives her. It changes the experience for him in a negative way.

After a few weeks of feeling frustration and despair, she tries again. But she simply repeats the same process over again. Try. Get frustrated. Give up. Repeat.  It’s an endless cycle of frustration.   

You may probably have the same experience with Melody, you try so hard to build a romantic relationship with your crush but still not work.   

The reason of Melody’s failure

The reason why Melody facing the difficulties to build a relationship with Jeff is due to the lack of Momentum.

Every relationship needs forward momentum. Without it you feel stuck in the mud. Like a race car with tons of horsepower but tires that spin uselessly in a muddy ditch.

But with momentum everything changes.

With a running start, any car could coast past the muddy patch…even with flat tires. Pure momentum. It’s powerful stuff.

The advantage of building momentum

  • Build romantic relationship with the guy fast and easily
  • Make the guy picture you in the future
  • Keep long lasting romantic relationship with your man
  • Make both of you enjoy the relationship

How to build momentum for relationship?

Building momentum is not complicated, every one can build up a relationship momentum easily with the following 3 secrets. 

Secret 1: Think beyond the First Step

Many people have a fairly good idea of what they want from a relationship. They can see it clearly in their mind’s eye. And when they go after a guy, it shows. They focus on the end result they’re going for, and their vision of the future limits their success. Take Melody’s story, as an example, she focused too much on her goal but ignoring what’s the man missing.  

Once Melody noticed that the tremendous benefits she can offer to the man, and believed she has 

something incredibly valuable to offer.  It changed the way of thinking which she began to automatically build momentum.

You no longer make small, frustrated attempts to grasp for control. You see things differently now.  The man is coming to you.

Secret 2: The 1% Rule

1% rules means “Start small”. Try to improve something by just 1% as people don’t like to feel manipulated.

Get him to take one small step. Something that would be very hard to object to. Like helping you move a heavy box, or giving his opinion on a decision you’re considering. Then just improve on this foundation 1% at a time.

Momentum doesn’t happen with a sudden burst of effort. It happens when you start small and build on that momentum as it picks up speed.

Secret 3: Define Progress as “Pleasure”

Let’s assume you’re making progress with a guy. He’s shown the early signs of interest. And you can tell he genuinely enjoys spending time with you. But something is holding him back.

What is it? Why does he seem to be dragging his feet? He was very interested in the relationship from the start. But now it’s as if he’s second-guessing his commitment. Like he’s not sure about the thing that’s building between the two of you.

It’s ambivalence stopping him to start a relationship with you.  He wants the good stuff that comes from his relationship with you. But he’s nervous about what it all means. He is not sure he can please everyone at once. He’s not sure who he will become if the relationship continues to move forward.

What you need to do is Give him a clear definition of success which Define success as “pleasure”.

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I know you may confused in how to build or improve the relationship with your guy now, instead of using the same old way and get the disappointed result again and again.  It is time to build momentum for your relationship, and enjoy your journey with the guy.  

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